11 July, 2011

My Summer Reading List

Just a quick note; I've discovered today that the Texas Tiny House website is back online. It's a shame they were offline, because I really like their designs and the fact that they used as much recycled material as possible. I've placed the link back on my link list and hope to see more of them in the future.
For some new small-living lifestyle ideas, check out; Smalltopia: A Practical Guide to Working for Yourself by Tammy Strobel. You can preview the first chapter of her book at the bottom of her page.
I added The Kneeslider blog to my link list which has absolutely nothing to do with housing, but I know that many folks (even an old cuss like me) are motorcycle maniacs. It's well written by Paul Crowe, formerly of Cycle World magazine. He covers all brands of motorcycles (foreign and domestic), news and tech development.
Finally, for all you tech-weenies and garbage gadget-teers out there (we know who we are), the two sites that I love most are; the MIT Technology Review and Instructables I get the MIT newsletter every weekday and the Instructables newsletter weekly, so be sure to sign up.

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